White Cherry Blossoms Collection

The wait is over! My new collection has arrived and I'm very excited. I'll be posting more of the images here.  Lots of work, but totally worth it.  For this collection, I was inspired by the beauty and meaning of the cherry blossom. They symbolize the brief nature of life and thus how we should cherish the now.

Cherry blossoms fall at the height of their beauty, in the middle of the spring. Their petals look like snow as they fall and their life is short like ours. Before you know it, is gone. Therefore, this collection is meant to bring awareness about our current lives. What goals and dreams do you want to achieve? What things do you want to accomplish during your life time... before your life is gone... like a cherry blossom?

The colors used were soft and neutral. This collection's palette is composed of grays, beige tones, golds, lots of whites, and Pantone's serenity blue and rose quartz. I used the palette knife to create an abstract background.


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