Perseverance Collection

This is my current work in progress. This new collection features koi fish, which are the symbol for perseverance. Legend has it that once upon a time there were thousands of koi fish trying to swim up to a waterfall. Many tried and failed, however, one made it to the top. To reward the one fish that persevered, the gods turned him into a golden dragon.


Koi fish are symbols of strength, courage,  good luck and power.


Through out our lives we are put through challenges that seem almost impossible to achieve. This collection reminds you to stay focused and with tenacity and determination, to reach your goals.

​It was a struggle for me to create the concept of perseverance into images, and to have them look artistically tasteful. It is such an abstract word that represents so many things. I hope you like this collection! :-)


This collection is currently in progress

Sneak peek!

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Mixing oils

Matching it to a beautiful teal blue.