List of materials for under-painting

November 23, 2015




I had a productive day with an awesome view of the lake, and finished the under painting of over a dozen canvases. No breaks in between!

Here's a list of materials I used for the under paint of my canvases (5 Hrs, 13 Canvases, 69 square ft):


  1. Mineral Spirit (Gamblin, Gamsol-Odorless Mineral Spirits)

  2. Burnt umber oil paint (Lukas 1862, Burnt Umber 200ml)

  3. Underpainting white (Daler-Rowney, #003)

  4. Gel Fast drying medium (C.A.S. AlkydPro)

  5. Old rags

  6. Paper palette for mixing (SOHO, Grey toned paper palette 9x12)

  7. Spatula (Creative Mark, T10) it! had it for years, well made, feels sturdy.

  8. Canvas (I used a couple of artist grade brands: Winsor & Newton, The Artists Canvas, Pearl & Art Alternatives) I prefer W&N-better known.

  9. Brush (BFC-3 made in China soft bristle hair, I love this brush as it's so soft! bought it from Jerry's Artarama)

  10. Container for mixing (Any old and wide plastic container will do)

  11. Toothpicks/or you can use tweezers (To remove bugs from the canvases)

  12. Table (I used the typical party table you can find at Home deport or Wal-Mart)

  13. Soap to clean the brushes (I use Joy lemon scent dishwashing liquid)

  14. Water to clean the brushes

  15. Hair conditioner, heard me! I've found that putting just a tiny bit or hair conditioner on my bristle brushes helps re-store a lot of the softness in them. I have used many different brands and they all seem to work well, if they work for your hair, they will work for your brushes.

  16. Other stuff to consider: rental location, old clothes to use while painting and time to shower & to clean up all the mess you made! =o)


The canvases were dry to the touch in 3 days. I could say 2 days but I feel more comfortable with 3 days. I'll continue to more accurately monitoring it to see exactly how many hours it takes to thoroughly dry. I ended up using about a quarter of the tube burnt umber and a quarter of the tube of white.


TIP: I set up a clothes wire to hang my brushes for drying, I clip them with a clothes pins on the handle so that they can dry thoroughly. (I've got a pretty neat wall setup. When I get a chance I'll do a post on this!





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