How to have fun in St. Augustine – Part 1

January 2, 2016



For our New Year’s celebration, my husband had the awesome idea of going on our RV to St. Augustine, Florida. That was the best idea for a New Year’s celebration, like…ever! At first, we had a hard time booking our reservation to an RV camp as everything had been booked for months. I never knew that St. Augustine was a hot spot for New Years. Luckily, we got a break and we were able to get a spot right on the beach, Yay! We packed our stuff and off we were, on the road to our next adventure. From Miami to St. Augustine it’s about a 5 hour drive, but in order to find a place we had to go further from the city. Our campground was on Flagler Beach, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and just about 35 minutes from St. Augustine.




Day 1

We rented a car from Enterprise. They picked us up and upgraded us to a Camaro for free, super cool! After we got our car, we went to a restaurant which is right next to an airport. It’s called Highjackers…funny, the place has been there for over a decade; hence, why they probably got away with that name! We took the A1A route to get to the city as it was the more scenic route and saved us the two dollar toll fee. On our first day, we explored the city and walked by the Plaza de la Constitucion. We looked at some cute shops, drank some Wine and then some coffee… to keep us awake! I definitely recommend the Vino Del Grotto wine place on King Street, only $5 bucks for winetasting and you get to try like six different wines. The Crucial Coffee Café wasn’t bad either; it’s a super old and super cute coffee shop. We ended the night passing by the Huguenot Cemetery…spooky!



Day 2

The next day we headed to the Castillo De San Marcos; took some nice pictures of the Castillo, the cannons and learned some history. While strolling the town, we found a shop were all they sell is hot sauces… of course, we decided to stop! We tried their best seller sauces and then we dared to pick something from the “Death Row” section (I was more like forced!). Nevertheless, I was trying (pretended) to be a good sport and accepted the challenge. Within minutes of trying them, the soda and water were gone. Yes, I drank it all! As we continued walking, we encountered some four legged locals pulling carriages full of tourists. We passed by the Trinity Episcopal Church and then by some galleries. By the way, something I cannot understand is how early the galleries in St. Augustine close. They all close at 5:59pm on the dot; needless to say it was really hard to catch them open during the first days of our stay. During high season, they should stay open until later, there were SO many people passing by, SO many potential customers…I just couldn’t understand why they would close so early.




Anyways, off to the Lighthouse ghost tour! We arrived at 8pm and soon after checked in and got our glow sticks… that’s so they don’t lose you during the tour. You also have the option to get a paranormal gadget that helps you find, you know, ghosts! It goes from green, to orange and to red. Red means…Mr. Dead is standing next to you. We opted to not get one. I figured that if we do get to see some ghost(s), not that they exist, but if we happen to see one; I’m just going to run the heck out of there! As soon as everyone got their ghost busters gear, they rushed to get to the top of the lighthouse, I barely made it (out of breath), huffing and puffing…what can I say? I’m out of shape! :oP   Once I got to the top though, I was able to see the beautiful city of St. Augustine and it was worth it. When everyone had come down, they proceeded to take us to the keepers’ house. In dark rooms, they told us about the history and the people that had died on that very place. After scaring the bejesus out of a few people (not me of course!) they took us to the basement. What I couldn’t believe was that Florida has basements! Say what? At the basement, one weird thing that happened to me was that I got goose bumps, even though I wasn’t even cold (or scared). To finish the tour they let you snoop around the property and the nature trails. There’s no way in hell I was going to go through the “nature trails” to be bit by some spider or snake, so I asked (begged) my hubby that we should go! ;o)




So, would you dare to go on a haunted tour? As an art buyer, what do you think about galleries closing early?




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