5 Hacks To Improve Your Instagram Art Profile

September 18, 2018




 I don’t believe in scarcity and thus why I love helping other artsy-fartsies like me! ;) So, here are some tips that I think could help beginning artists out:





At least take your pics with daylight light bulbs (DLB)! I use 800 Lumens 5000K (but really any daylight light bulb is fine). When you don’t take your pics in either daylight or with DLBs; then, your pics don’t come out as crisp, or come out with yellowish tones. Always remember that your whites should be white. And your blacks should be blacks. It’s the easiest way to tell if your pic came out correctly.





You can use an app like Photoshop Express to fix your art pictures. A lot of people think that setting your camera to “Auto” should take the best pics. But sometimes, this is not the case. Thus, you need to use apps like Photoshop Express to make your art pics look as close to the original as possible. For instance, you can play with the white balance, Contrast or saturation. Adjust these settings and other settings until you feel it looks right.




Pick the 3 colors you love the most and make sure to use them throughout your profile/page. You can look on Pinterest for inspiration.  Create a board and collect them. Then, select your top 3. Make sure those colors can be readable when put together. Example: when you combine black and dark blue, for say a quote, it won’t be easily readable. So you gotta pick colors that work together.




To showcase your artwork in different ways, use websites like Pixabay or Pexels (they’re copyright free). Download mock-up images and place your artwork in them. Another great place is Creative Market. Sometimes these images need to be tweaked a little bit and in those cases you can use apps like Sketchbook to adjust them. If you can’t find something that suits your business, then do them yourself. You can do a simple desktop layout (for small images) and re-use the same layout for all of your artwork. But do change them around a bit! If your artwork is bigger then use one of your walls and decorate it nicely (remember my lighting tip!). It’s easier to do them in a batch, say, do 10 at once.




Make sure you always put your name or website on all of your images. That way, if someone likes your work, they have a way to find you. I also say this because of experience. The first time I ever uploaded a collection, within a week or so, someone had already used it for their framing business. In this case, I didn’t care because they linked it back to my shop. But, I keep on seeing article after article of people (or big companies) stealing designs. Here’s one example of many:  Protect Your Ideas Lessons From An Indie Artist Who Waged War On  A Mega Brand



I hope these tips step up your game. If you would like me to check out your feed, comment below or comment on my IG post. I’ll respond to the first 5! Or, if something wasn’t clear to you, let me know!


If you’re a beginning artist and would like to see tutorials, inspiration, or business advice, make sure to check out my YouTube channel. Just search “Darkis Art” on Youtube, or go here.









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5 Hacks To Improve Your Instagram Art Profile

September 18, 2018

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